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Whether you’re imagining yourselves on a secluded resort in Sri Lanka or the Caribbean, an African safari filled with wonderful wildlife, sleeping Bedouin-style in extravagant white tents in Oman, a cultural exploration of South East Asia, or snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, we’ll ensure your honeymoon is full of unforgettable moments.

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Honeymoon in January

Australia or The Caribbean, especially the beach-chic resorts of St. Barth, are the best places to go in January for the sun. If you prefer to hit the slopes the Alps is a great destination or for a bucket list adventure gaze at the Northern Lights in Norway, Finland or Iceland.

Best Destinations

Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Ethiopia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Australia, France, Switzerland, Austria, The West Indies and the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, India, Thailand

Destinations to Avoid

Avoid the rainy season in The Seychelles, Indonesia and Polynesia and Mauritius, Madagascar and Reunion where there’s a high risk of cyclones.Honeymoon in February

The romantic city of Paris is a great destination in this month of romance. Asia, especially Burma, Northern India and the Philippines is perfect as this time of year as it’s typhoon free. For adventure seekers, trekking in Nepal will be incredible or enjoy some great surfing in Hawaii with both destinations offering a perfect sun escape. For a luxury honeymoon at a great price, Buenos Aires offers great deals during this month. South Africa is also a great destination before the temperatures begin to rise.

Best Destinations

Argentina, Egypt, Malaysia, Hawaii, South Africa, Sri Lanka, The Alps, Whistler in Canada

Destinations to Avoid

Avoid the rainy season in The Seychelles, Indonesia and Polynesia and Mauritius, Madagascar and Reunion where there’s a high risk of cyclones. For a skiing honeymoon, the Alps are perfect but certain weeks can be very crowded.Honeymoon in March

Asia is still perfect at this time of year. The weather in Europe is now warming up so Italy is a fantastic destination. A honeymoon to America would be a great option with Florida being in high season with hot, dry weather combined with a city break to New York, or a California road trip. In South America, Cuba would be an ideal destination with its dry season, or The Maldives where its perfect temperature. If you're looking for golden sand beaches, lush tropical jungles and ancient Mayan ruins, Belize is an incredible honeymoon destination. It’s a great time of year to visit India as you’ll be avoiding the monsoon season and the unbearably hot weather.

Best Destinations

Italy, Asia, America, Cuba, Argentina, the Maldives, Belize, India

Destinations to Avoid

A safari to Kenya as it’s the rainy season. Canada due to the melting winter slush and Miami where Spring Break is in full swing.Honeymoon in April

Malta, Crete and the Balearic Islands are all warm and sunny. Bora Bora is idyllic at this time of year. As it’s tulip season in Amsterdam a trip to the tulip fields would be incredible, or Tokyo in Japan for its iconic cherry blossom season. The USA is still a great destination with some good deals at this time of year so make the most of this fabulous destination and take a road trip to either California, Nevada and Las Vegas, Louisiana, Washington and Florida, or enjoy romantic retreats and famous wineries in Napa Valley. Marrakech or Namibia for great weather and an amazing cultural experience. Zermatt in Switzerland for spring snow and hiking, and the numerous chic bars in the small, friendly town by night.

Best Destinations

Crete, Malta, Balearic Islands, Africa, Amsterdam, Switzerland, America, Turkey, the Philippines, Japan, Australia.

Destinations to Avoid

Zanzibar and Tunisia as it’s the heavy rainy season. The majority of South East Asia and South America as it’s incredibly hot and at the peak of high humidity.Honeymoon in May

Europe is a perfect location at this time of year with Italy, Croatia, Portugal and Hungary great for the sun, Spain, France or Italy for culture, food and wine tasting and Prague with its flowers and trees in full bloom and the Prague Spring Music Festival. For a romantic paradise of sun, white sandy beaches and turquoise seas the Philippines or the Bahamas are a perfect destination.

Best Destinations

Europe, Australia, the Bahamas, the Philippines, Mexico,

Destinations to Avoid

Zanzibar is still in the middle of its rainy season. Asia is at the start of its low season. India and Sri Lanka enter their monsoon season and Egypt their heatwaves.Honeymoon in June

Europe still has the perfect temperature and wonderful experiences on offer. Norway, Sweden and Finland providing warm endless days with white nights when the sun barely sets. Croatia offers adventures and romance. The beautiful Greek islands with long sunny days. Brazil has a lovely temperature. French Polynesia with its whale watching season. Canada’s amazing weather with Canada Day and The Montreal Film and International Jazz Festivals.

Best Destinations

Europe, Namibia, Brazil, The Caribbean, Canada, Cuba, French Polynesia

Destinations to Avoid

Heat waves occur especially around Central Africa and the Middle East. India with its monsoon season. The start of summer in New York when it gets exceptionally hot and muggy.Honeymoon in July

Europe is still popular, but avoid destinations prone to heatwaves such as Greece, Italy and Spain. Indonesia is a perfect destination with its sunny weather and cool sea breezes. If you’re looking for an adventurous honeymoon climb the high altitudes of the National Parks in America like Yosemite, explore the fire and ice destination of Iceland, or discover the incredible wildlife on The Galapagos Islands.

Best Destinations

Australia, Europe, Iceland, Indonesia, Peru, Bolivia, America, The Galapagos Islands.

Destinations to Avoid

Parts of Asia as it is still the monsoon season. Louisiana and New York are very hot and humid. Senegal with its heat waves and heavy downpours.Honeymoon in August

Croatia is stunning at this time of year with its music festivals in historic settings. South Africa is a perfect destination for an adventure honeymoon. A luxury honeymoon at an eco-resort in Madagascar with access to some of the world's most unique geography and wildlife. Peru and Tibet are amazing for hiking or an idyllic destination for relaxation.

Best Destinations

Europe, Peru, Tibet, South Africa, Madagascar

Destinations to Avoid

Northern America can also be extremely hot. It’s the start of the hurricane season in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Asia is in the middle of its monsoon season with the exceptions of Kerala or Tamil Nadu in India, Bali and the southern islands of Indonesia.Honeymoon in September

Europe is slightly cooler but there’s still plenty of sunny destinations for a relaxing honeymoon, particularly in Greece, Croatia, Turkey and Portugal. For an off the beaten track city break honeymoon destination Paris, Berlin or Amsterdam are perfect at this time of year. New England in America is beautiful in early fall. In Africa, Namibia is in its winter season and is dry and sunny, Zimbabwe is in its dry season with ideal temperatures during the day and cooler nights. Northern Africa is an amazing destination for a safari honeymoon as the the temperatures are not too hot. It's also a great time to visit the Japan, China and Middle East. For the pure unadulterated relaxation Bali is the dream destination. For a mix of relation and adventure Hawaii is the perfect destination as it’s quieter at this time of year.

Best Destinations

Portugal, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Africa, America, Jordan, China, Japan, Middle East, Bali, Hawaii.

Destinations to Avoid

Central America, The Caribbean and parts of Asia are prone to hurricanes and you could experience flooding in Laos and Cambodia.Honeymoon in October

For a more cost-effective honeymoon with guaranteed sun, Turkey or Cyprus are great destinations. Venice is quieter but still lovely and warm. It’s an amazing time to see the wildlife in Argentina or the beautiful autumn foliage in Japan with their pleasant weather. Africa, Egypt, Madagascar and South Africa also experience perfect temperatures at this time of year.

Best Destinations

India, Turkey, Cyprus, Africa, Egypt, South Africa, America, Argentina, Japan, Venice.

Destinations to Avoid

It’s typhoon season in some areas of Thailand and it’s not the best time to travel in certain countries in the South Pacific, such as New Guinea, Fiji and the north of Australia.Honeymoon in November

For a picturesque white wonderland honeymoon destination head to Aspen. Explore the Christmas markets cities like Vienna, Strasbourg, Prague, Krakow, Florence, Copenhagen, Nuremburg and Stuttgart. For a more cultural honeymoon visit America for its Thanksgiving celebrations. To experience a winter sun honeymoon destination choose Hawaii or Morocco for their ideal climates, or Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand are starting to cool down too. If you’re a true foodie then Hong Kong is the place to go with its ‘Wine and Dine Month’. Honeymoon in New Zealand before the start of its peak summer season, when daytime temperatures are comfortably warm and cooler nights mean fireside cuddles.

Best Destinations

Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, New Zealand, Hawaii, Aspen, Germany, America, South America, Morocco, Belize.

Destinations to Avoid

Bermuda as the climate is cold and windy.Honeymoon in December

For a festive honeymoon Lapland or Scandinavia offer perfect romantic destinations as well as the Christmas markets in cities like Vienna, Strasbourg, Prague, Krakow, Florence, Copenhagen, Nuremburg and Stuttgart. Head to Colorado in the USA or the Pyrenees and the Alps in Europe for a great skiing and beautiful white wonderland honeymoon destination. If you’re looking for sun, tropical rainforests and incredible reefs with world-class scuba diving, sailing, fishing, hiking, with an historical touch and luxury unspoilt resorts head to the Caribbean islands. Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam where your honeymoon budget will stretch further and you can experience spectacular beaches, awe-inspiring temples, fascinating history, sensational food, mountain or jungle trekking, and buzzing cities. New Zealand is warm and sunny making it a great time to explore the country.

Best Destinations

Lapland, Scandinavia, Germany Mexico, Cuba, Belize, the Caribbean, South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Ski Destinations

Destinations to Avoid

Malaysia is in the middle of monsoon season. The climate in Eastern Europe is not at all ideal.With our handpicked collection of private hideaways, luxury boutiques, and romantic settings we’re here to tailor-make an extraordinary romantic honeymoon experience you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. Get in touch with us today.

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